The words speciality coffee have been abused for years: cheap blends and bland “single origins” have become the norm.

It’s time you demand change — we’re here to disrupt the coffee industry and put the good stuff back in your cup.

Fresh + defectless

We only work with fresh stock. Harvested and landed in the UK within the last 6-8 months, max. The coffees need to have minimal defects so we select only those scoring 87pts or higher. And finally, our PENG EDITIONS are the finest coffees we have to offer and all score at least 90pts according to SCA rules.

experimental processing

We focus on the more interesting, time-consuming and laboured processes; from naturals to anaerobic, maceration or even thermic shock washing — you’ll find it all going on here. There are parallels to the modern wine industry, but even more complex due to the roasting and brewing required after the coffee is imported.

Optimal roast-level

All coffees are omni-roasted to allow the coffee to brew perfectly — whether you’re using a V60, cafetiere or espresso machine — you only need to adjust your brew recipe. The real job of a coffee roaster is to affect the coffee the least. 
And this is what we do.


Our farmers are paid more than Fairtrade — we’re talking around 3 times more. We work hard to improve transparency too; Farmer Connect is a technology to provide end to end transparency and eventually you might even be able to send the farmer a tip.

We only sell directly to you

We own the end-to-end process and supply only our own customers, like you.  Aside from this website, our own coffee shops in London, and the occasional guest-roaster spot — we don’t sell to anyone else.

So without a middle man, this means we can maintain higher standards, and offer you a higher standard of coffee

In fact, when you visit our cafes, you’ll be able to sample our bonkers single origin, single farms (we secretly stick Geshas on batch brew or espresso sometimes) we serve on the machine that you’re unlikely to find served in any other shop.

Serving the best, most interesting coffees in existence is our raison d’etre
Every. Single. Day.

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