Don’t panic, we’ve arrived. And with us we bring the delights of high-quality, speciality, third-wave — and whatever other ridiculous names are given to the best coffee around.

And what exactly makes the best quality coffee in the world?

Fresh harvest

Green coffee can last for years but we only work with fresh stock.  Harvested and landed in the UK within the last 6-8 months, max.  We select only coffee scoring 85+ on the cupping table, according to SCA guidelines — an on average it’s closer to 87+.

Fresh roast

Our coffees are freshly roasted to order within the same week.  The coffee will then need 1-2 weeks rest and can stale after just 4-6 weeks.

Optimal roast-level

All coffees are omni-roasted to allow the coffee to brew perfectly whether you’re using a V60, cafetiere or espresso machine — you only need to adjust your brew recipe. Our profiles are uniquely created for each new coffee to ensure perfect consistency throughout the season.

Freshly ground

Freshly roasted coffee should be kept in whole bean form and freshly ground; once ground, the coffee begins to stale within just 15 minutes!  Order whole bean from us and the rest is down to you.  We can of course grind the coffee for you if you don’t have access to a grinder.

We don't supply cafes

We own the end-to-end process and supply only our own retail customers, like you.  Aside from this website, our own cafes in Brick Lane and Walthamstow, and the occasional guest-roaster spot — we don’t sell to anyone else.

This means smaller roast batches that are more carefully monitored for quality.

Get your fruit on.

Check out our latest juicy coffee arrivals from fresh harvests all over the world.

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All the gear. No idea?

We have all the coffee brewing equipment you'll ever need to make the perfect cup.  

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