Whether you’re new to coffee or a coffee aficionado we’re certain that you’ll find our coffees an absolute delight.  Here is a little snapshot of our process.

Coffee cupping scores above 85

And we aim for >85/100 points in the categories of Fragrance/Aroma, Flavour, Aftertaste, Acidity, Body, Balance, Uniformity, Clean Cup, Sweetness, and Defects. Have a look at the full protocols, if you’re interested.  

a well-developed roast profile

Dark profiles are used to hide defective coffee. There’s nothing to hide here, since our coffees are all of astounding quality and the origin’s flavours, even delicate florals, are preserved.

 All our coffee is roasted to order

Each order is hand-roasted according to profiles we have crafted for each batch of coffee. Orders are sent to you the same week as the roast with the roast date written on the pack.

Letterbox delivery

Delivery is free for The Narrative subscriptions and orders over £30.  Most coffee orders are sent in packaging that fits through the letterbox.

Farmers paid properly

In spite of raw coffee prices surging almost 20% in recent years, we ensure our supply chain keeps the farmers paid accordingly, and that our sourcing meets better than Fairtrade standards. 

Single origin farms – no blends here

Blends muddle flavours at the cost of clarity.  They’re also more difficult to roast and brew due to the differences in coffee varietals and terroir.