It’s about time the delicacies of fresh speciality, single-origin coffee were made highly available to everyone and we are making it our duty to try to achieve this up and down the country, and beyond! Our campaign mission is simple, summarised into the following pledges below.

1 . Awesome coffee in ordinary places

Ok, this seems quite obvious but rather than just having to resort to your nearest independent coffee shop (which might be a whole town away), wouldn’t it be great if your local greasy spoon, restaurant, or even church or social club had access to the same great coffee?  Yes, we think so too and we are taking action to make this happen. If you want this to happen for you too, get in touch and let’s make this happen.

2. Banish the sell-by-date

One of the best, quick indicators of the quality of your pack of coffee is to check whether there is a sell-by-date on there.  Often this is anything up to a year after the coffee is roasted.  You probably already know this, but that’s just too long.  Apart from the coffee declining quickly just 4 weeks after roasting, packs with sell-by-dates (or best-before-dates) are also unlikely to have any information about the when the coffee was actually roasted.

We want to educate everyone, especially those who sell coffee unaware, to always insist on purchasing coffee with the ‘roasted on’ date to ensure that you’re best informed about where the coffee is in its lifecycle.

3. Bin the brands

We have to be bold here; if you or your business are still buying the old stalwart Italian brands, we’ve got news for you — they’re bad.  Really bad.  Offenders of the above issue, but to add to this, you may also be familiar with the overly bitter taste that comes from a roast that’s usually very dark.  Cynics say that it’s to hide the defects of poor quality coffee.  We just say, don’t drink it.  Dark roasting loses much of the bean’s own signature and brings out many unwanted bitter flavours; even if a given coffee is fantastic at origin, once it’s been roasted too dark, then it’s wasted.

If you don’t normally, try drinking your coffee black.  Once you’ve gone black, you won’t go back.  (Pun intended.)  Furthermore, we’ll try and price match your cafe’s existing supplier so there’s nothing to lose.

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