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Speciality Coffee

Our web store is now closed.
Please visit our shop in London to purchase.

Our coffees are all single origin named after our farms/farmers, who are paid better than Fairtrade. The lots are all top speciality grade, with each scoring over 87pts (out of 100). PENG EDITIONS showcase the very best we have to offer, with scores of 90pts plus.

New to coffee? Check out our beginners guide to brewing coffee to help you get started.

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Taste Flight


Take a taste flight with our bundle offer that serves up 3 of the finest batches from our current crop.

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Pineapple, Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter.  

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Mixed Red Berries, Lime & Orangeade.  

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Decaf, Colombia


Orange, Peach & Milk Chocolate.

Peng Editions

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Mango, Yuzu, Bergamot & Champagne.

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Strawberry, Jasmine Tea, Peaches & Cream.