Aeropress (1 cup) – Total brew time 2-3 mins

The Aeropress brews coffee by pushing water through the coffee grounds using pressure. This is a unique way of brewing but a weapon of choice for a thick but complex flavour. In addition to being an easy to store/on the go brewer.


Aeropress filter
1 cup (16g of beans)


Step 1

Boil water using kettle. Whilst waiting, weigh and grind your coffee beans to a consistency similar to table salt. The Aeropress comes with its own weighing scoop which holds up to 16g level spoon of coffee beans. However, we recommend using 12g of coffee.

Note: As a base we advise a brew ratio of 12g coffee to 200g water.

Step 2

Once the kettle is boiled, add paper filter to Aeropress basket and rinse with hot water to remove unwanted paper flavour.

Step 3

Attach the filter to the Aeropress brew chamber, place on top of your coffee cup in an upright position and pour your coffee grounds in. For ease of use the Aeropress also comes with a funnel to avoid spillage.

Step 4

Start timer and add hot water up to the No.4 scale (200ml water mark). Stir with a spoon or Aeropress paddle to help mix the water with grounds.

Note: Ensure coffee grounds are fully immersed in water. 

Step 5

Start timer and add the plunger to the top of brew chamber to seal it.

Step 6

After 2 minutes apply gentle pressure to the plunger to push brewed coffee through the filter and into your cup. Remove the Aeropress and enjoy your cup of coffee.