Game changer: San Remo Revolution Grinder

The ultimate grinder of choice for coffee pros since Matt Perger’s ubiquitous performance in 2013[...]


Kalita Wave vs. Hario V60 – a scientific perspective

We’re big fans of all brew methods, including these two. The Kalita Wave — a[...]

Third Wave Water

Great quality coffee starts with a great bean but does it always end with the[...]

To valve or not to valve, that is the question.

Whether you’ve noticed it or not, there’s very likely a little plastic valve embedded into[...]


Everything you wanted to know about coffee

With International Coffee day still fresh off the press I wanted everyone to spare a[...]

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The Bulletproof coffee diet

We live in a world of popular culture, and particularly with health and fitness crazes[...]

Coffee and Coca Cola should never mix. (Unless in a granita.)

Coca Cola have just launched Coca Cola Plus Coffee — a sugar-free fest of marketing[...]