Third Wave Water

Third Wave Water

Great quality coffee starts with a great bean but does it always end with the bean? In most cases I like to think ‘Yes’, but an area that sometimes gets overlooked in the brewing process is the water we use, which for something that makes up 98% of coffee plays a major role in your daily intake.

Already it’s become best practice to get your coffee to water ratio right and heat to a certain temperature when home brewing, but the standard of water is somewhat limited. Whilst filters are recommended for commercial Espresso machines to purify water and can be bought for home use like my trusty Brita, what happens if the water is missing the minerals it needs to begin with?

Third Wave Water is a company that aims to bridge this gap to enhance water as opposed to filter it. Through research and development they’ve created soluble capsules that re-mineralize water for optimized brewing water. They work by blending a cocktail of Sodium, Calcium and Magnesium that in the right doses are said to bring out a brighter and more consistent flavour, which is also supported by the Speciality Coffee Association.

Based in America and following a recent cash injection from investors from the popular US show ‘Shark Tank’ i’m hoping they’ll be reaching the UK in the near future, so lets pray they live up to the hype so I can get my Adam Sandler Water Boy on.


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