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General news updates from the world of coffee and beyond.

Peng Editions #1: a 90+ Competition Lot from Diego Samuel Bermudez

Although all of our specialty coffees are incredible, especially since they have technical cup scores[...]

The Narrative: the best speciality coffee subscription in the world?

Most speciality coffee subscriptions are great.  They allow you to get speciality coffee delivered to[...]

How to tip a coffee farmer from your iPhone

Coffee farmers aren't usually paid enough - so why not tip them yourself?[...]

A Hot Speciality Welcome To Mork Chocolate

Rich, smooth, decadent and more importantly speciality make Mork chocolate a go to hot chocolate[...]

Long & Short specialty coffee comes to St James Street, Walthamstow

It’s official — we’ve only gone and opened a new coffee shop in St James[...]

Cascara – Where coffee meets tea

As taste buds become more refined consumers are constantly searching for the next big thing[...]

Prana Chai – the rise of speciality Chai

Chai is something of a phenomenon that has gripped the globe in the past few[...]