The Narrative: the best speciality coffee subscription in the world?

Filter coffee with server and stoneware cup

SPECIALTY coffees.


Most speciality coffee subscriptions are great.  They allow you to get speciality coffee delivered to your doorstep on autopilot.  And often without even lifting a finger after placing the first order.  But what could make a coffee subscription more interesting than everything else out there?

Firstly, it’s a good question – and one that we’ve been contemplating ourselves since launching the company.

All of the coffees we offer are obviously of an exceptional standard, but sometimes we get some really, really interesting coffee beans that come our way.  Like the Costa Rican Gesha we had a couple of years ago that we managed to offer our customers for what we believe to be the lowest priced Gesha ever.  It actually tasted like orange blossom – simply incredible.

You see, other amazing coffees didn’t quite make it to market due to the low volumes received, so they were either used for experiments in the shop or used for local cuppings.  To be honest, we mainly hogged them for ourselves.

However, we finally realised there was something even better we could offer…

Enter: The Narrative – the Long & Short speciality coffee subscription

Our speciality coffee subscription starts by offering what you might expect:

  • Our epic speciality coffees sent to your doorstep
  • Scheduled weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  • Coffee rotation based on the current harvest and stock
  • Free delivery
  • Fixed price of £13 per delivery – this doesn’t change

Here’s the value add:

  • Access to rare and unique coffees: 90+, Geshas, Competition Winners, Experimental Processes
  • Exclusive or priority access given to The Narrative
  • Sent automatically as part of the subscription
  • You don’t pay a penny extra

The only caveat is that there will obviously have to be a limit to how many memberships we can offer, to ensure that members don’t miss out when we get some of the exciting batches in.

So, what are you waiting for?


WANT A coffee subscription THAT GIVES YOU GEISHA?

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