10 awesome coffee gifts – all under £20

Coffee gifts

Coffee gifts make excellent presents. Not just because there are so many coffee lovers. But also because there’s such a diverse array of coffee products – many of which are affordable!

I’d go as far as saying that coffee gifts are easily one of the best hacks. Especially when you’re in a bind and stuck for last-minute ideas.

From brew equipment, to coffee beans and everything in-between. The products available on the market are so diverse that you can end up in wildly different rabbit holes when looking for the perfect coffee gift. And such a diverse selection can also leave you feeling none-the-wiser.  Here’s where we step in!

In no particular order, here are our top ideas for coffee gifts.

Made Osaka Stonware Mugs

Made Osaka Coffee Cup Set

A beautiful set of stoneware mugs by the homeware bods over at Made.  Each cup holds around 200ml of coffee, which is suitable for most filter and Americano needs.  It’s worth adding that we have a very similar cup coming soon (obviously, even better…), so watch this space!

Buy Osaka Cups from Made

Airscape Coffee Bean Storage with Valve 1

Airscape Coffee Bean Storage

There are a few storage caddies that have hit the market over the last few years. However, they tend to fetch a high asking price. We managed to find this little gem on Amazon for the princely sum of just £19.89 including delivery.  It even comes in a fetching copper colour.

Buy the Airscape Coffee Canister on Amazon

The Narrative Coffee Subscription

The Narrative: Speciality Coffee Subscription

It’s obvious, we know – but what can be better than the gift of coffee itself? Not just any coffee either – an epic subscription to the best speciality coffee in all the land!  For £10 you get access to the epic selection we have in stock from the current harvest.  Not just that: the subscription gives you access to exclusive subscription-only coffees we release including 90+, competition lots, experimental processes and lots more.

Buy The Narrative Coffee Subscription


Hario V60 02 Dripper Set

The V60 is the stuff of legends and no home barista is really complete without one of these.  With such a low barrier to entry with a kit priced as low as this: a jaw-dropping 9 quid – there really is no excuse.  Yep, just £9.

Inside, it comes complete with a plastic cone brewer, a dosing spoon, and a set of filter papers to get you started.  As long as you have some coffee and hot water, you’re pretty much ready to go.

Buy The Hario V60 Dripper Set


Ikea Uppheta French Press Cafetiere

The Cafetiere / French Press

A genius invention, this piece of coffee equipment probably doesn’t need any introduction.  The french press has its own metal filter inside and wins the award for being easiest to use.  The cheap and cheerful delight from Ikea does the job, and has a timeless design.  You can get fancier ones, but certainly not for the £9 asking price here.

Not just that.  Did you know that you can also texture milk to create microfoam with one of these?  Just like the stuff from your local cafe – seriously!  Check out this video:

Buy The Uppheta

Frank Green Smart Cup

Frank Green Smart Cup

People used to go mad for Keep Cups – in fact, they still do with all their new designs.  However, the Frank Green Smart Cup has a trick up its sleeve: it doesn’t spill!  That’s correct, we finally have a bag and coat friendly reusable cup.  Gone are the days of worrying about coffee stained notebooks, or defunct electronics devices.  Wahey!

Buy The Frank Green Smart Cup

Digital Precision Scales

Precision Coffee Scales

Ok, it’s not the most exciting of coffee gifts but at least this one is nice and compact, with a shiny silver finish. And has a glowing blue light. Oooh.

More importantly, it has a 0.1g accuracy, which is necessary for all brew methods including espresso. In fact, scales are probably the most important piece of equipment for all coffee making.

For espresso you’ll need to be particularly careful since this model isn’t completely waterproof – a feature found on more expensive models.  If you need a pair of those, we can recommend the Felicita Arc but they come in at £125, so can’t be featured in this guide.

At £12 a pop for these, you’re laughing all the way to the bank.

Buy The Digital Precision Coffee Scales

Long & Short Coffee Line Up

Coffee Taste Flight

Sometimes, the gift of choice is better than anything else. Our Taste Flight offers a selection of 3 coffees from our current harvest, and will take the recipient on a journey around the world.

Technically this product costs £23 – which is already a reduction from £27 if they were bought seperately!  However, since you’re reading this, just enter GIFTFLIGHT20 at checkout to bring this down to £20. Now it fits nicely into this guide.

Buy The Long & Short Coffee Taste Flight

Arabica Coffee Plant

An Arabica Coffee Plant

First of all, yes, it’s the correct species and although you might not be able to sustain a coffee habit with one of these, they do make great house plants.  A house plant related to coffee.  What’s not to like?  Just a tenner from Bakker.  The coffee gift that keeps on giving.

Buy The Arabica Coffee Plant from Bakker


Bamboo Filter Paper Stand

Bamboo Filter Paper Stand

For the coffee lover in your life that has it all already.  This filter paper stand solves the awkward problem of having the filter papers lying around, either in a plastic wrapping, or in the slightly neater cardboard box.  Neither look as good as one of these stylish and sustainable filter stands though.

Buy The Bamboo Filter Stand from Amazon


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