Christmas treats from Costa Rica and Colombia (including a sub-£10 Gesha!)

Adolfo Gamboa Monge

After getting insanely low on stocks from our initial batch of coffees we have finally got round to roasting, cupping and scoring some new coffees and they are super fresh and super tasty.  These coffees also help fulfil our goal of bringing down the specialty price ceiling and offering Gesha for a whopping £9.  Read on!

Our search this time was to add more versatility to our range, so we’ve picked coffees that work well across the spectrum.  That means they are equally at home in both espresso and filter, as well as in milk drinks.  They offer great value at several price points, with some interesting varietals from the American-native Caturra to the Ethiopian-Panamanian Gesha.

Sanchez Gesha, Costa Rica

“Sanchez Gesha” is from La Candelilla, a 5-generation family owned farm and micromill which won second place in the Cup of Excellence in 2013.  It retails for as much as £30 a bag but we have it here for £9 (150g) until Christmas.  Strawberry, tangerine, nougat.

Don Chico Honey, Costa Rica

This is another gorgeous coffee from Costa Rica.  The coffee is grown from the native Caturra varietal, on the Don Chico farm in Santra Cruz, Tarrazu.  It’s processed using the honey method native to Costa Rica.  This means the coffee is dried with some of the mucilage left on to aid with sweetness and body.  Dark cherry, hazelnut, demerara sugar.

Pitalito, Colombia

Finally, we have a new entry level coffee from Colombia.  It’s a community coffee from the Palmichal micromill, owned by smallholder famers from the Pitalito region in Huila, Colombia.  The coffee is made up of three local varietals: Caturra, Castillo and Colombia.  Berries, caramel, marmalade.

We hope you like our choices for this round of coffee — especially the Gesha.  Grab this Christmas treat before we sell out!

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