Long life coffee?


I know what you’re thinking….have those guys at Long and Short found a way to extend the life of roasted speciality coffee? Whilst that question is always at the back of our minds, the answer is: sadly not, and although speciality coffee beans can last months at a time I’m sorry to say that staleness kicks into flavour as soon as a month (and sometimes earlier) from the roast, so don’t forget to grind fresh and often people!

As a Dora The Explorer of specialty coffee, I pay close attention to the flavours and conjuring aromas speciality coffee brings, but I want to shed more light on the scientific health properties that truly make coffee a lifestyle drink of choice. Coffee (especially speciality) is packed with a concoction of nutrients and anti-oxidants that if harnessed correctly can help contribute to keeping you in tip top shape.

Improved cognitive ability

Caffeine has the ability to block inhibitory neurotransmitters like Adenosine, which once unblocked allow the body to release numerous chemicals including Dopemine. Dopemine fires up neuron activity in the brain resulting in improved cognitive ability with heightened memory, alertness and reaction speeds.

Improved physical performance

Coffee studies have shown it can improve your metabolic rate by up to 11% to assist burning fat. It’s also been linked to stimulating the nervous system by increasing Epinephrine levels, which boost adrenaline and improve physical ability by up to 12% to make it a perfect dietary and pre-work out routine.

Pain relief and recovery

Caffeine can also be used for recovery to reduce inflammation and has long been used as a key ingredient to boost the potency of top shelf pain killers, such as Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen. Even a simple cup of coffee coupled with a paracetamol can increase its effectiveness for stronger and quicker pain relief.

Whilst these benefits are more than adequate, prolonged use can further help prevent diseases including an up to 65% reduced risk of the most common neuro degenerative disorders Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, up to 80% reduced risk of liver diseases, up to 22% reduced risk of strokes — and the list goes on; preventing Cancer’s, fighting Diabetes, improving eyesight, better skin, fuller hair etc. As with most things, moderation is key and drinking coffee excessively wont turn you super human (like my feeble attempts have shown me), but used well, coffee contributes to a longer healthier life, which makes it a no brainer.

You should enjoy drinking coffee in the best way possible, which is of course by buying good quality speciality grade beans, and grinding fresh. Now, whilst you mull over why you aren’t drinking coffee right now…feel free to listen to Daft Punk’s – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger for some light motivation.

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