New recyclable bags – Waste not, want not

Recycable bag

If you haven’t noticed yet saving the planet is quite high up the agenda for many people. The unshakable truth is that whether you like it or not the vast majority of us are only damaging the world.

In 2014, the UK produced over 4.9 billion tons of plastic waste. Two thirds of which were related to retail packaging and only 1.2 billion of which was recyclable. Begging the question, where are we now? Regardless of the answer, be it global warming, environmental waste or living a sustainable life we should all be doing more in our efforts to save the planet……preach.

With this in mind and being people of action at Long & Short, we’ve finally found a way to phase in more sustainable retail bags.


Coffee bags have previously put you on a sliding scale of sustainability vs quality. This has made it hard to be both and made many speciality coffee roasters lean towards quality above all else, shamefully including ourselves. Using foil lined and gas valved retail bags we’ve provided bags that preserve the speciality coffee flavour and continue to develop the beans gracefully post roast, but now i’m happy to say they are completely recyclable as well.


The biggest change in our new bags is the lack of metals, foils and plastics, which made it near impossible to separate any recyclable materials. Now using improved and fully recyclable components they provide all of the goodies below:

  • UV protection
  • Metal free
  • Made from Level 4 LDPE recyclable materials
  • Gas valve included
  • Recyclable logo

And now with this new found knowledge we leave it to you to continue our work and recycle our bags. Godspeed.


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