Aeropress Go : The Review


Not being one to limit themselves with an already strong product, Aerobie the makers of the Original Aeropress bring us a supposedly better travel coffee brewer kit, called the Aeropress Go. Truth be told this is a bold move by Aerobie, but one I imagine they’ve thought long and hard to ensure it only surpasses the great original.

The Legacy of Aeropress

For those who know a thing or two about brewing speciality coffee, the original Aerobie Aeropress is a brew method of engineering genius. First introduced in 2005 it has become a staple in many households for its versatility and creativity. It wields the ability to make a variety of coffees, easily and at ridiculously low price. From making espressos to filter coffees there is an endless combination of recipes (such as the upright vs inverted method), all giving birth to global events like the Aeropress championships.

Why Aeropress Go?

I’ve been the proud owner of the Original Aeropress for a solid 3 years. Whilst I rotate brew methods on a regular, I still consider this brewer innovation at its finest. On the other hand, the Aeropress is not without fault. May be due to personal preference it has never for me been that batch brew friendly, still remained bulky in design and includes accessories like a funnel for grounds that seemed redundant. So when the Aeropress Go was released with claims of grandeur as a better travel accessory, it was as much curiosity as skepticism reeling me in hook line and sinker.

Aeropess Go vs. Aeropress Original

For many of us the Original Aeropress is a treasured symbol in the world of speciality coffee. For that reason looking at it against its predecessor, but also with a fresh pair of eyes was a must.

Go vs AP features comparison FINAL

Comparatively the key differences lay in its size (including capacity), design and accessories, as shown above.


The Aeropress Go brew capacity of 237ml echoed well as someone who makes filter coffee at 200ml per cup. It still allows for 3 espressos to be made at once with a little leg room for stronger or larger coffees. One of the bug bears of the Original was the 297ml capacity placing you in a weird no mans land to produce 1.5 cups of filter coffee. Hence was a nightmare to batch brew with.


The Aeropress Go definitely excels if travel is a key performance indicator. Smaller in overall size, a cup and lid that contains the kit, even a stirrer that folds away nicely. Whilst technically it is superior, there is still a question mark above if they could’ve made the plastic cup or kit look more aesthetically appealing or natural in build. Regardless, all you need is banging coffee and hot water and you’re ready to brew!


The Aeropress Go comes with a portable filter holder, stirrer, scoop that need not change capacity, 350 filters and a cup and lid that only add value. The cup and lid could be more fitted but gone is the nonsensical coffee grounds funnel from the original pack.

Demo below for all to admire. 

The Product Review

I’ve broken down the key benefits and disadvantages of the Aeropress Go below.


  • Makes superb coffee. The same in genius method of brewing as the original Aeropress. Supports Espresso and filter brew methods with creativity for recipe refinement.
  • Mobile friendlier. Smaller and more compact in size with a more understandable brew capacity allowing for 1 filter coffee or 3 espressos.
  • Clever technical design. Improved accessories including a portable cup and lid that double up as a container for the brewer.
  • Value for money. Brewer and cup for easily under £40.
  • Fast brew method. Can brew coffee well under a minute from start to finish.


  • Smaller in size relinquishes any thought of being batch brew friendly. I even struggle to find a need to brew 3 espresso shots into 1 cup.
  • Aesthetic design could be improved. Still completely plastic and the cup whilst practical, isn’t the most appealing on the eye.
  • More interesting for customers new to Aeropress as opposed to someone who wants to upgrade the original. Unless on-the-go practicality is high on the agenda.

The Verdict

The Aerobie Aeropress Go builds upon every success of the original whilst also offering something new. The Aeropress or now any Aeropress is still probably the most versatile brew method invented. Being able to brew a variety of coffee types and quantities of coffee conveniently and easily is something of a spectacle. The original was always designed to be an easy-to-use mobile friendly brew method, but the Aeropress Go only improves upon this. Smaller in size, clever design with more accessories make it superior for the most critical of traveler.

For people new to Aeropress I can see the appeal as it does exactly what is intended. A strong brew method, easy-to-use and easy-to-go. Conversely, my biggest concern lies in whether the leap is big enough from the original as an existing user. Additionally, if you happen to be someone who bought specific grinders or third party accessories to retrofit the Original Aeropress, you may be annoyingly disappointed to find you cant use them well or at all with the Go.

However in its entirety, for the price, design and what the Aeropress Go actually enables the user to do it is still another quality product by Aerobie. It definitely remains a better travel accessory than the original. You just need to be more mindful if you need the upgrade. It makes it no wonder we’ve decided to give the Aeropress Go a solid 9/10 review and look to stock it from this day forth.

2 thoughts on “Aeropress Go : The Review

  1. James says:

    Thanks for the well thought out review. I also own and love an original Aeropress and have thought about the Go. Part of my concern is both the reduced capacity as well as the how helpful it actually is having it connected to its own travel mug. Do you think it is worth buying for someone who already has the Original?

    • Ivan says:

      Hi James, it’s a tricky one and really depends on what you need it for and what you want out of it. If you use the Original Aeropress mainly at home I would possibly hold off getting the Aeropress Go as well. However, if you travel a lot with it and need something a little more practical I would consider investing.

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