Bio-bean – The Anti-Wasteman!


Following a trip to the yearly ‘Shell Sustainable Energy’ event in London I came across a great new start up company known as ‘Bio Bean’, which has set a goal to harness the power of coffee waste.

Bio-beanWith tonnes of coffee grounds wasted each year as a bi-product of making coffee, the company fronted by co-founder Arthur Kay has taken on the challenge to recycle this waste. Still in the early stages of development their work has already progressed considerably with the production of flammable logs, generating enough yearly power to run 15,000 homes in the UK. Not stopping there, Bio-bean has big ideas and plans with research and development going into producing clean energy in the form bio fuels and bio chemicals…..insert picture of a space age car running on coffee.

So if you want to know more about saving the planet one coffee cup at a time feel free to check out their website below. All hail Bio-bean! #Poweredbycoffee


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