Espresso Martini Masterclass

Espresso Martini Station

The espresso martini seems to be a regular in most London cocktail bars, but little know its roots date back to the eighties created by the legendary ‘Dick Bradsell’ as a result of a famous model asking for a drink that could ‘Wake me up, then f**k me up’. Whilst that quotes lingers in your head we thought a guide to create the perfect Espresso Martini would seem appropriate. From dinner parties to house parties this is a sure fire crowd pleaser if you want to add something different.

Disclaimer: With great power comes great responsibility and unless you want a sleepless night don’t forget this contains caffeine and is extremely easy to drink!

STEP 1 – Equip yourself!

Grab a cocktail shaker, a martini glass and you’ll need the below for 1 serving:

> 50 ml Vodkas

> 35 ml coffee liqueur

> 25 ml specialty coffee espresso shot

> Ice

Note: Coffee liquor is easy to come by but for a helping hand look out for Kahlua, Tia Maria and Mr.Black as the common favourites.

STEP 2 – Make your specialty coffee espresso shot!

If you don’t have the luxury of an espresso machine to hand like some of you lucky b*stards, a cheap alternative is a Moka pot that can set you back as little as £5 through a quick Google search. Please refer to our brew guide link below to get you up to speed and don’t forget you can store Espresso’s in your fridge to save on prep time.


STEP 3 – Coming with the mix and blend!

Add ice to the Martini glass to chill and mix Vodka, Liqueur, Espresso and ice in the shaker and shake til your arms go dead.

STEP 4 – Espresso yourself!

Empty ice from the glass and strain out the cocktail. For an authentic look add 3 coffee beans to garnish and hopefully it should look something like mine below.


Espresso Martini

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