New York – Hit list 2017


With a coffee shop on every street corner finding coffee that’s a cut above the rest can be difficult in such an immense city like New York, so I took time out of my trip to pull together my personal top 5 coffee shop hit list.

#1 Abraco Espresso & bakery – Counter Culture coffee

Some deem this coffee power house to be the one which changed the game, whereby customers would travel exclusively for the coffee and baked goods and with good reason too. Located in East village and with a name that translates to ‘Embrace’,  I could only feel this suited the shop perfectly with a steady stream of customers pouring in and out with claims of coffee grandeur. With coffee supplied from Counter Culture Coffee coupled with great Barista’s this was a sure fire winner.


#2 Ace Hotel – Stumptown coffee

I didn’t have the privilege of visiting the Stumptown roastery, but visiting their Ace Hotel hub in Manhattan showed the impact their coffee has on the city. With a wide selection of blend and single origin hot coffees, as well as nitro tap and canned cold brew coffees there’s something for everyone. Rare can coffee shops offer quantity as well as quality and with a lobby that draws in the hip crowds on a daily basis this coffee was a perfect accompaniment.


#3 Toby Estate’s roastery

Located in the trendy Williamsburg area, Toby’s estate is a haven for people seeking a cool work space. Huge glass windows encase the front of this coffee shop putting happy customers on display for all passers by to see. You can tell this coffee sanctuary means business with a Probat roaster on show at the front of the store alongside a cupping espresso lab any roastery would be envious of.


#4 Blue bottle roastery

Also located in the Williamsburg area Blue Bottle’s base of operations was one that astounds. Littered with a museum of brew equipment and roastery warehouse on show behind the counter it was like looking through a keyhole to their entire coffee empire.  The coffee definitely didn’t disappoint with Kalita Wave’s on standby for eager customers to order.


#5 Ninth Street Espresso roastery

This coffee shop evaded my trip prep but was a pleasant surprise none the less. Despite being a small minimalist coffee shop in Alphabet city this was undoubtedly a popular choice for coffee purists, offering only Espresso with or without milk. Simple things done well resonated with this one.


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