Our first 90+ coffee, now in stock: Ato, Ethiopia

Ato Ethiopia, Guji Region

We’ve been taking our long sweet time getting a natural-processed Ethiopian coffee as there have been so many goodies, however, this one in particular caught our attention.

Amongst the Adados, the Arichas and the Biftu Gudinas, the Guji region in Ethiopia has been exploding with ridiculously good coffees this year.  So good, to be honest, that it left us with quite the conundrum as to what to bring to Long & Short.  Obviously, we would have liked to bring them all, but we need to be selective and ensure the coffee remains good value.

With some amazing Gutiti and Magarissa natural offerings that have been floating around, we wanted to get a natural ourselves to represent the best of African coffees; sweet, bright, floral — the Skittles of the coffee world.  Somehow, the sun-drying process just brings out these qualities twice as much as the usual wet process.

After many cuppings and sampling greens from all our suppliers, this one stood out for its incredibly juicy berry notes, with an additional lactose quality in texture and sweetness that almost lends itself a strawberries and cream vibe in the mouth.  If you know your naturals then you’ll have some idea of what to expect, but if you haven’t tried one before, now’s a great opportunity!

Head over to our shop to find out more about our Ethiopian Ato, and all about the farm it came from.

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