Krispy Kreme and the coffee spread dream

krispy kreme coffee and hazelnut spread

Move over Nutella the king of doughnuts Krispy Kreme’s has only gone and created a coffee and hazelnut spread that’s packed with 100% premium Arabica beans.

If anyone knows anything about what compliments coffee its Krispy Kreme’s who have built a doughnut empire that does just that, but I imagine one talented individual locked away in a think tank in the depths of Krispy Kreme’s HQ has taken it a step further answering the age old question, what goes better with coffee more than coffee? Coffee!?

Raving reviews with tantalizing flavours such as ‘Caramel Macchiato’ have put this firmly on my to try list and with announcements speculating a launch later this year in US Walmart’s I cant see UK shores being far off the mark.

So keep your eyes peeled and knives at the ready…you could be drinking coffee and eating coffee to your heart’s content.

Coffee and hazelnut spread



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