Wake up & smell the coffee – Le nez du cafe


As our coffee roaster journey continues so does our hunger to bring you the best coffee. With this in mind, a tool kit that moves further up our hit list to continue this almighty quest is the Le Nez Du Cafe. Le Nez Du Cafe or The Nose Of Coffee when translated from its french origin is a coffee smelling kit. Built up from a variety of bottled aromas each with individual scents used to help describe coffees many aromatic fragrances.

It’s a common conception that around 75%-95% of taste comes from the sense of smell. Making this an ideal kit for any coffee lover wanting to learn more about its complexities. Offering anyone the chance to hone in those nose bud receptor senses we all love and have.

Not to brag to wine lovers, but scientifically coffee boasts more aroma and flavour compounds. Making it all the more perfect match to match with speciality coffee. Used predominately by coffee connoisseurs to help describe the beloved coffee bean its use is wide. In our case as a purveyor of fine coffee it would help us better analyze coffee in our quest to become super tasters, which can only define more accurately coffee.

It’s fair to say that speciality coffee has come a long way and this kit is a nod in recogntion of this. As speciality coffee gets more of the attention it deserves with the same treatment as fine wines it can only mean good things for coffee lovers everywhere. Onwards and upward people.



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