Letterbox Fresh – Delivery upgrade alert

First orders at the Long and Short coffee shop

In this day and age it’s no longer just about the products businesses offer, but as much about the customer experience associated with a brand or business. We live in times where convenience is king and products can now drop from the sky using driverless mechanized drones and whilst one day this could be an option for us we are on the constant road to do better and do more.

Here at the Long & Short roastery we pride ourselves on offering great quality coffee and it is now with great pleasure to announce our service has got an upgrade that would make the likes of Postman Pat and his black and white cat proud.

No one likes taking time off work to wait at home for deliveries, or having to hassle neighbours for deliveries at ungodly hours — or worse still, go on a collection trip or re-book a delivery altogether — which is why we’ve improved our deliveries to now send 1 to 2 bag coffee orders in letter box friendly packaging – aka Letterbox Fresh™!

With freshness high up the list of priorities for us to get you great tasting coffee we don’t want to leave anything to chance, so getting you coffee as quickly and conveniently as possible can let us sleep easy knowing our beloved speciality coffee has traveled long and far without any hiccups.

We hope you enjoy the improvements and many more to follow.


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