Readying for take-off

More cupping 2

It’s been a busy few weeks as we begin locking down our final choices of launch coffees for all of you wonderful folk who have been patiently waiting to get hold of our…beans.  Ivan got to attend a fun event earlier in the week schmoozing with the chaps over at Nordic Approach sampling their latest delights, and we’ve also been cupping-mad at L&S HQ with a bunch of samples from other suppliers too.  A total cliché, but some samples literally getting lost in the post has certainly not sped things up!

However!  Our plan, God-willing, will be to launch with the following:

  • 1 espresso roast, probably of Central or South American origin
  • 2 filter roasts, 1 American, 1 African (or possibly both from either)
  • 1 Central American decaf

The filter roasts in our style are more medium than light so we’ll test them on espresso too and let you know if they’re usable on both.  We’re trying to develop the patent-pending Omnibrew® to try to simplify matters for everyone by simply having ‘coffees’ rather than ‘roasts’, but we obviously don’t want to limit the coffees’ potential.

Got some ideas for us?  Let us know via the comments or our contact page.  Always keen to hear and learn from people.

Keep on eye on the blog for news on the upcoming launch.

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