The Art in Latte-Art : A Beginners guide

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Latte Art isn’t the be all and end all to get a great tasting cup of coffee, but it has become a staple in many coffee shops to add an extra level of panache and care to Espresso based drinks. It allows Baristas to showcase their skills and bring out Monday morning smiles to consumers beginning the work week in disarray.

Ultimately, Latte art is the mastery of milk with control of its consistency followed by manipulation of pouring techniques to create creative designs. It’s not a form of wizardry as Baristas may want you to believe but as with many things it takes time and practice to learn (that and an espresso machine!) but should you want to learn what it takes and add funk to your CV check out the video guide to Latte Art below.

May you pour milk like you’ve never poured before!

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