Turbocharge your Aeropress


Ever wanted to get a bit more pressure from your Aeropress in order to pull a proper espresso?  In other words; you want crema? The Prismo is a mod that will allow you to do just that.

Courtesy of Fellow, the company behind the gorgeous Stagg kettles, the Prismo is a simple add-on gadget that screws on to the aeropress in place of the existing cap.

Under pressure

The trick lies in a special valve the device has in the centre, rather than the lattice showerhead design of the standard cap.  This, along with the airtight seal, forces even more pressure down on the water and through the coffee bed.

The increase in pressure allows the device to achieve the required amount needed to get closer to the 9-bar pressure created in most espresso machines.  In turn, this provides a closer mouthfeel to a real espresso, as well as the much-lauded crema!

Other features

We are particularly intrigued about this new device since it does multiple things at once, potentially making the Aeropress an even better travel companion than it is already.

Firstly, it has a built-in metal mesh filter.  Some of you may have one of these already, but it means that you won’t need to lug a supply of paper filters with you on your travels.  You also won’t be left up s**t creek without a paddle if you forget your filters altogether.

Secondly, the design provides a fix for something that has been jarring me since the Aeropress came out; you can now, finally, use the device with smaller drinking vessels.  That means, narrower glassware and cups like espresso cups can now be used directly.  Until now, I needed to use a larger vessel to create the drink first so hopefully this will be a thing of the past.

Review coming soon…

We’ve just ordered one of these for a full review so check back here in a bit!  In the meanwhile, if you’re itching to get your hands on one, get over to the Fellow website and pre-order one of these badboys now.

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