The Long & Short urban jungle pop-up goes perm

Long & Short Pop Up Cafe Brick Lane

Back in March of this year we launched our first retail store — an awesome little pop-up in Brick Lane, London, which combines the buzz of the market, art, and of course, the very finest speciality coffee.

The mother of all pop-ups

Those of you who know our coffee, also know that we don’t really do things by half.  We’ve really put ourselves on the map!  The pop-up has become a hot little destination that’s perfect for a bit of classic British afternoon tea-time, with a twist.

Serving both award winning teas and our evolving array of speciality coffee, tourists and locals alike have been discovering our little corner of the East End that’s part urban jungle, part art gallery.  I mean, where else can you have afternoon tea — complete with glass teapots, timers, scones and clotted cream — against a backdrop of ivy, vines, Shepard Fairey, Sweet Toof and Bast?!  Only in Brick Lane, at Long & Short.

Logically located in a cosy indoor area known as “The Tea Rooms”, we’ve comfortably nestled ourselves in as part of the wider Truman brewery complex and its lively community that explodes with energy each and every weekend.

Well, it’s a pop-up no more and it looks like we’ll be here indefinitely.  (Or until Shere Khan asks us to leave…)

Food, Fashion and Foxes

The place is a complete brain overload if you have never visited Brick Lane before.  There are hundreds of food stalls serving cuisines from every corner of the planet.  Vintage and boutique fashion outlets, all run by independent fashionistas.  Not a chain in sight.  Oh, and there’s also Phil who runs Spitalfields Taxidermy which is (besides us, obviously) the highlight of visiting the Tea Rooms.

The area as a whole is one of the few left in London that feels unscathed from the waves of new-build clinical skyscrapers and Tesco Metros… It’s still covered, thick, in graffiti.  In fact, we’d argue that it’s the flagship for street art and graffiti in Europe.  The bagel/beigel shops still operate 24-hours a day, just 2 doors from each other.  You still get that bloke wandering around the market selling you knick-knacks.  Or shoes.  There simply isn’t anywhere else like it in London — everyday is carnival day…  (…ok, apart from weekdays.)


The Tea Rooms, 146 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL


Shoreditch High Street (Overground), Aldgate East (District), Liverpool Street (loads)


Saturdays: 11am – 6pm / Sundays: 10am – 6pm

Some of our art by Dran, Bast, Shepard Fairey and Ardif at the Long and Short cafe in Brick Lane
Some of our art by Dran, Bast, Shepard Fairey and Ardif
Hula hooping on Brick Lane
Hula hooping on Brick Lane
Our glowing Faema E61 legend
Our glowing Faema E61 legend
French artist Ardif installing a paste-up at Long and Short coffee shop in Brick Lane
French artist Ardif installing a paste-up
Coffee counter at Long and Short coffee
Counter service
Brick Lane’s street food market on Sundays
Brick Lane's street food market on Sundays
Cakes and bakes at Long and Short coffee
Cakes and bakes, courtesy of The Flour Station
Sundays at Long & Short
Sunday tea-time

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