Wilfa Svart Grinder CGWS-130B : The Review


For those who don’t know i’m a sucker for smart tech (just ask my Alexa). Like many of us I take time to research, compare and troll the web to find the best I can. Normally with the money I don’t always have and picking a grinder is no exception. I have grinded my way through countless handheld grinders, but for the first time in a while I feel I’ve stumbled across something special in Grinderville. Lo and behold the Wilfa Svart Grinder CGWS-130B.

Before I get stuck into the nitty gritty of this electric grinder it’s worth mentioning how I came to purchase. As with any grinder your buying decisions can be influenced by your own personal preference and situation. Whether it be price, convenience, aesthetic, or more importantly quality of grind, they all have varying importance when it comes to buying decisions.

Grinder upgrade from handheld to electrical

Before buying the Wilfa Svart grinder I always used handheld grinders at home. Mainly as a cheaper way to grind beans on the go (long live my Hario Mini Mill). For the sake of not getting stuck in my old ways I thought I’d give a home electric grinder a chance for a more convenient and better quality way to get my coffee fix at home.

Quest for best home grinder

I came across the Wilfa Grinder through coffee blogs but due to scarcity on the UK market it led me to research from its origin in Norway, where I found the reputable Tim Wendelboe helped develop this grinder. This could only mean good things as he’s one highly credible individual whose achievements include being the 2014 World Barista Champion and 2005 World Cup Tasting Champion….good job Tim!

Wilfa Svart grinder

The Product Review

For ease of review I’ve laid out the positives and negatives of the areas I think are important should you buy any grinder. It’s also key to note this is an initial review and whilst I’ve only used this Wilfa Svart grinder daily for a month, time is the true test of a great grinder and should the grinder blow up down the line i’ll be sure to let you all know.


  • Grind time is fast. Takes under 5 seconds to grind beans for a strong cup of coffee (16g coffee beans).
  • Wealth of user friendly grind settings. Grind settings by filter brewer and time control for ease of use.
  • It’s a burr grinder. I repeat…it’s a burr grinder and not only this it grinds at a lower speed for enhanced coffee flavour.
  • Sturdy and modern design. Looks and feels like a good quality build.
  • Decent price point. Priced at £130 it’s fairly cheap compared to other electric grinders of the same ilk, such as the common Baratza model grinders.
  • Good grind quality. Particle size seems fairly consistent and as you’d expect I saw a noticeable improvement against my Porlex handheld grinder.


  • Doesn’t grind for Espresso which could make or break your decision to buy. For me this isn’t an issue as I go to coffee shops for Espresso.
  • Grounds container is too small. Although i’ll never likely need to grind a full capacity hopper batch (250g), the grounds container couldn’t hold it even if I did.
  • Non-ergonomically designed grounds container. Container seems fairly fiddly with a loose lid and random sized shape.
  • Old designed case? Although the grinder is no doubt different on the inside the casing has undeniable similarities to an old Breville BCG450LX grinder.

The Wilfa Svart Verdict

As my first domestic electric grinder the Wilfa Svart grinder ticks A LOT of boxes. It is an ideal home grinder should you want a comparatively cheap, high quality and efficient electric grinder. Looking good on any kitchen counter is also a bonus. However, a lot your buying decision may rely on if you need Espresso at home. If you can live without it i’d highly recommend this grinder. The only flaw should you be critical is in its poorly designed non-ergonomic grounds container, although bearing in mind this has no impact on producing a great cup of coffee, it’s still an overall thumbs up from me. To purchase this great household grinder at a ridiculously competitive price along with all our other brew instruments please click here.

2 thoughts on “Wilfa Svart Grinder CGWS-130B : The Review

  1. Nigel Buchalter says:

    I bought this Wilfa coffee grinder two years ago and I’m very satisfied with the quality of the machine. It’s sturdy and not too noisy. Easy to clean by brushing with a clean paintbrush. The residue of coffee grounds builds up on the burr grinders.

    A gentle tap on the counter top helps release some grounds that get stuck inside.

    I agree with Ivan about the grounds container. I don’t mind it being too small as I only grind about 60-75 grams at a time. I find the problem is with static electricity. I’m left with small amounts of grounds stuck in the corners and trying to get them out they cover the back of my hand and elsewhere nearby.

    This maybe due to the material used in the container. I would happily pay someone to make me a metal container!

    One way around this is to put a drop of water in with the beans before grinding. Literally one drop. From the handle of a teaspoon. Stir it around quickly and that small amount of moisture is enough to counteract the static build up. I’d prefer not to have to do that as I’m sure that even a small drop of water with the beans would horrify all the experts out there.

    Great grinder for the price and gives excellent service.

    • Ole says:

      A small drop of water with the beans would not horrify all the experts out there, just check James Hoffmans video about it:

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