Beavertown x Caravan Spresso: Espresso Stout

Beavertown x Caravan Spresso Espresso Stout

Beavertown has certainly made its mark in the increasingly hip urban district of Tottenham in North London, and they continue the latest trend with “alcoffee” combos by partnering with the stalwarts of the coffee industry in London — Caravan.

The London craft beer and ale scene has in parallel with that of speciality coffee, blown up in the last few years thanks to companies like Beavertown. The scene’s prominence is now so large that even Goldman Sachs has taken a big interest and call it a consumer megatrend.

Following on from such classics as Neck Oil and Gamma Ray, the latest from Beavertown continues the lineage in style with its glorious packaging courtesy of Nick Dwyer, the designer behind all of their can artwork.

Spresso is brewed using 40kg of roasted beans — Caravan’s Guatamala Xutuc espresso coffee — and with a thumping 9.5% ABV won’t fail to put hairs on your chest.  Coffee can be boozy at best of times, and this takes it a step further with its decadent, treacly, tart ensemble of malts and Magnum hops.

It’s a butcher’s knife to an espresso martini.  But in a good way.

ABV: 9.5%
Malt: Best Pale, Golden Promise, Brown, Low Colour Choc, Crystal, Carafa II, Oats, Molasses
Hops: Magnum

Check out a full video review by the guys in the know about their hops:

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