5 Coffee products that don’t involve food or drink

Coffee scrub

Most of us have come to know and love coffee in its most common drinkable form and even food when you consider coffee cakes and bakes, but have you ever thought of all the other wondrous applications it can be used for outside of food and drink? If you didn’t know coffee is one highly versatile product and through exploration I’ve pulled together the top 5.

5. Coffee soaps

Coffee grounds make for a strong deodorizing agent highlighting it as an ideal ingredient in soap to remove unwanted smells whilst adding fragrant aromas. Furthermore its a fairly simple product to create using coffee grounds and is all the rage in the realms of DIY. Click here for a quick tutorial.

Coffee scrub

4.Coffee scented candles

Oh the sweet smell of coffee in the morning doesn’t just have to come from your morning cuppa. There are plenty of coffee scented candles out there to keep your house smelling fresh all day long. So unless you drink coffee like a fish or run a coffee business to get those non stop coffee aromas I highly recommend candles as the cheaper option.

Coffee candle

3.Coffee scrubs

Coffee scrubs littered Instagram a couple years back when the natural benefits of coffee became mainstream, including reducing inflammation and cellulite, brightening skin and being an all round excellent exfoliator. The only downside is possibly its appearance of mud amongst other things but the end result is still a good one.



2.Coffee Shampoo

Coffee is already packed with a generous amount of antioxidants but on top of this has a unique ability to stimulate the body through energising and growth. A company which has harnessed this power to grow stronger hair includes Alpecin who are the Number 1 leading Shampoo supplier in Germany. German engineering at its finest.


1.Fuel of the future

The application of coffee that in my opinion has the most potential is in its use as a fuel. Left over coffee grounds are already being recycled into flammable materials perfect for log fires and BBQ’s from Bio-bean, but whats more exciting are their plans to turn coffee into a bio fuel of the future.

Coffee logs

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