Project Waterfall

Every once in a while I get the urge to spread the good will of others and one charity on my radar for all the right reasons is Project Waterfall. They came to my attention through strong support from the guys who brought you London Coffee Fest and have gone and I hope will continue to go from strength to strength raising over £600,000 and delivering clean water to over 24,000 people in coffee developing countries.

Project Waterfall

 “Our mission is to bring clean drinking water to coffee growing communities across the world.”

Set up by the Allegra foundation they have a strong and direct goal to provide the most basic of living standards to the less fortunate, not only to improve health and sanitation but to help build stronger communities. In relation to coffee there’s no hiding from the imbalance of demand and wealth with leading coffee growing countries also being some of the poorest in the world. To make matters worse scarcity of water is a constant problem to as well as affect keeping you alive, grow this prized coffee crop as a form of income. Due to coffee’s natural reliance on being grown in hot climates across the equator along with it being a highly water intensive plant it takes around 140 litres of water to create just a single cup of coffee.

So next time you drink a cup of coffee think about the poor conditions of the communities of Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda,Tanzania and Nicaragua, who try so desperately hard to bring you coffee. I leave you now with the wise words of Stephen Fry and a gateway to Project Waterfall.

Stephen Fry



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