Current crop: Autumnal notes with a Honduran natural and an Ethiopian classic

Pedro Joel Fiallos, Farmer

The Ethiopian Ato was our standout coffee of the year in 2017-18 and we were supposed to bring it back earlier in the summer.

Instead we brought in additional and outstanding Kenyans like the Gathaithi and Karimikui to see us through the seemingly endless (and now it’s gone…) heatwave with their wondrous, famously Kenyan, juicy notes.  In fact, we just saw off the last of the Karimikui on espresso last weekend.

Single origin, single farm, across the house

Yep, that’s right.  For those who haven’t yet visited our cafe in Brick Lane, we’ve been serving single-origin, single-farm Kenyans all summer.  This little fact might have been wasted on many who might not have noticed, but we won’t be stopped in our determination to force better coffee on absolutely everyone.  Even those who consistently request syrups.

Additionally, in an effort to maximise efficiency and coffee turnover, you might have noticed that we have now reduced our overall offering, and run the same, or at most two coffees across the the shop and online at any one time.

Next up: Fiallos + Ato

Even more interesting than that, we are introducing our first natural to the espresso machine. The wonderful Honduran Fiallos made its debut in the switchover from the Kenya Karimikui.  We literally had to make about 2 shots to dial in, then popped out espresso after espresso of fruity and delicious goodness.  Our espresso has never tasted so good!  (Yup, even better on filter — but you already knew that didn’t you?)

The Ethiopian Ato is in the wings ready to shine for a second season in a row.  It will also be appearing occasionally on filter in the shop.  Just ask if we have it on when you pop in.

We’ll also be stocking both in limited amounts in store if you are thinking of grabbing some on the move.  Take stock while you can — Winter is coming and coffee season is upon us.

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