Project – Speciality Coffee Starter Kit


Are you new to the delights of speciality coffee but don’t know where to start? If this sounds like i’m talking to you fear not my coffee comrade you’re not alone and here at Long & Short HQ we’ve been working day and night to make it that much easier for you to taste great coffee without having to break the bank or even leave your own home!

One of the main goals at Long & Short is to improve the quality of coffee everywhere and whilst one way we do this is by making our beans readily available to everyone, for the majority of us average Joe’s being able to purchase speciality beans is not enough without having the gear to grind and brew coffee fresh, as shown below in this highly effective process map I spent a whole 5 seconds creating.

Get speciality coffee beans > grind fresh > brew fresh > drink fresh = Coffee heaven

With this in mind and not letting our more clued up and well seasoned coffee drinkers have all the glory, we’ve spent weeks sourcing, testing and brewing using a variety of equipment to build a speciality coffee kit that is both decent quality and a decent price.

We’ve pulled together a starter kit including the legendary cafetiere and a hand coffee grinder to match supplemented with a taster pack including all the speciality coffee beans in our range for the modest price of £30.

So whether you want to get into speciality coffee yourself, update your gear or gift someone we’ll be adding this to our shop range very very soon.

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